Kate Hudson’s new thriller, The Skeleton Key, opens today, and coincidentally, dozens of newspaper writers across the country seem to have been possessed by the same cliché-spouting demon when writing the headlines for the film’s various reviews. Not to say that all the puns were scarily bad. Here’s the best and worst:

Best pun:
The Oregonian: Deep hoodoo

Runner-up, best pun:
Boston Herald: Help haunted: `Skeleton Key’ opens up world o’ snores

Say whaaa…?
The Seattle Times: ”Skeleton Key”: Dear Kate, we miss your sunny smile

Jauntiest imagery:
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: Skeleton digs its own grave

Probably not what she was going for:
Daytona Beach News-Journal: Hudson adorable in ‘Key’

Inexplicably made me crave gumbo:
Philadelphia Inquirer: Stylish Cajun-country thriller doesn’t know when to quit