I Love Lucy
Credit: Lucille Ball: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images)

I love Lucy. Who doesn’t?

Yet while I wouldn’t even think to argue about Lucille Ball (left) once again ranking first in an annual survey measuring the popularity, or ”Q” rating, of dead celebrities, I’ve got to wonder about the demographics of the folks filling out the questionnaires. Seriously, check out the rest of the top five: Bob Hope, John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart and Red Skelton. See a trend?

Where’s the love for stars who passed on recently, and before their time? Aaliyah, Christopher Reeve, Kurt Cobain, and Tupac Shakur all failed to make the top 10. And apparently, there are plenty of carb lovers being surveyed, too. The late diet guru Robert Atkins ranked last of the 169 personalities measured.

(UPDATE: OMG! I just realized something. Where is John Lennon? Elvis?! Was their fame really eclipsed by the comic genius of… Red Skelton?)

Who would top your list of beloved entertainers in the sky? I’d put Janis Joplin at No. 1 — that woman takes another little piece of my heart every time that voice comes through my stereo.