James Woods
Credit: James Woods: Chris Polk/AP

I’ll say this for James Woods: I may not agree with much of what he has to say, but at least he’s not a boring interview. Woods tells that it’s hard for a middle-aged heterosexual white guy to get work in Hollywood these days, even though he also discusses recently finding a pile of 30 or more scripts he was offered, but rejected. (Isn’t it a shame Woods doesn’t enjoy the same cornucopia of exciting parts enjoyed by, say, elderly Asian lesbians, or 40-something Latinas? Whatever!)

Still, for a man who excels at portraying nasty characters, it sounds like Woods is longing for nice-guy parts. ”You can’t be a heterosexual white guy and be a hero anymore. You’ve gotta be really flawed and really bad and a piece of crap. Otherwise, the marketing department says, ‘You can’t have white guys be decent people. They’re the enemy. They only put a man on the Moon and wrote Hamlet. Why should we let them have any cred?”’

It’s enough to make Woods want to give up acting. ”People say ‘Why?’ and I go, ‘Have you been to the movies lately?’ They’re just horrible, as everybody knows now. They’ve gotten so bad.”

Unfortunately for Woods, most reviewers seem to be lumping his latest movie, Pretty Persuasion, into that category. EW’s Lisa Schwarzbaum gives the movie a D-, and singles out Woods’ character as ”the lousiest gag of all, symblolic of everything obnoxiously out of proportion and unpersuasive about Pretty Persuasion.” Uh-oh. Sounds like somebody’s got another excuse to blow his lid.

What do you think? Does Woods have a point? Or is he just a crazy middle-aged heterosexual white guy with a chip on his shoulder?