By Timothy Gunatilaka and Adam B. Vary
Updated August 12, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT


Holly Hunter, 47, and Gordon MacDonald, her costar in the West End play By the Bog of Cats, are expecting twins this winter.


Singer Michelle Branch, 22, and bassist hubby Teddy Landau, 41, welcomed daughter Owen, their first child, Aug. 3.


Producer Robert Evans (Chinatown), 75, tied the knot for the seventh time, marrying British socialite Lady Victoria White, 42, Aug. 6, in Mexico.


Variety writer Army Archerd, 83, announced Aug. 3 that he will retire his column next month after 52 years.


On Aug. 4, an NYC court ruled against Lewis Perdue, 56, who had filed a $150 million suit against novelist Dan Brown, 41. Perdue claimed The Da Vinci Code copied elements of his religious thriller Daughter of God. He plans to appeal. . . .United Licensing Group Inc. filed a breach-of-contract suit Aug. 4 in L.A. against Pamela Anderson, 38, claiming the Stacked star failed to promote her line of perfume and clothing. Anderson’s lawyer could not be reached for comment. . . .Writer Augusten Burroughs’ foster family is asking a Massachusetts court to stop further publication of his best-selling 2002 memoir Running With Scissors as a work of nonfiction. The Turcotte clan claims Burroughs, 39, inaccurately portrayed them as a ”mentally unstable cult” and failed to conceal their identity. . . .Martha Stewart, 64, announced that her house arrest has been extended three weeks to Aug. 31, following reports that she may have violated the terms of her sentence by going to yoga. . . .On Aug. 9, a Delaware judge dismissed a 1997 suit demanding Disney’s board of directors reimburse shareholders for the $100 million-plus severance package the company gave Michael Ovitz, 58, following his 14-month stint as Disney president.


Grammy-winning singer Marc Cohn (”Walking in Memphis”), 46, was released from a Denver hospital and is expected to fully recover after being shot in the head during an attempted carjacking Aug. 7. A suspect has already been arrested.


Christopher Reeve’s widow, actress Dana Reeve, 44, announced Aug. 9 that she is undergoing treatment for lung cancer.


”It tasted like chicken,” said Matt Damon (with Casey and Ben Affleck, Aug. 8 in L.A.) of having to lick a frog in his new film, The Brothers Grimm. ”It was kind of like licking the back of your hand. It felt like the same thing.”


Blues guitar master ”Little Milton” Campbell, 71, Aug. 4, after suffering a stroke, in Memphis. . . .Rock journalist Al Aronowitz, 77, who introduced Bob Dylan to the Beatles, Aug. 1, of lung cancer, in Elizabeth, N.J. . . .Godfather of the ’70s ”Columbus Soul” sound Bill Moss, 69, who recently filed a lawsuit challenging the Ohio vote in the 2004 presidential election, Aug. 2, of a stroke, in Columbus, Ohio.