The Matador
Credit: THE MATADOR: Daniel Daza

Actually, this deep dark comedy has little to do with bullfighters. Rather, it follows the thoroughly detestable Julian (Pierce Brosnan), a bawdy, carousing, sex-mad (the younger the better) assassin. Thing is, Julian’s losing his touch, and the story follows the bizarre and amusing events that ensue when he befriends an ordinary American businessman (Greg Kinnear) in a Mexico City resort. ”Hotel bars are a great place for drama because you’re anonymous, talking to people you’ll never see again,” says art-flick vet Richard Shepard (Oxygen, The Linguini Incident) of his first mainstream movie, which Harvey and Bob Weinstein bought for $7.5 million at 2005’s Sundance Film Festival. ”So the movie started from the idea of, What if you told a secret to someone and then you did see them again?”

The Matador
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