Gosh! A year after his breakthrough role in Napoleon Dynamite, Jon Heder has, like, six movies in the pipeline. (Not to mention those cool action figures.) First up is Just Like Heaven (Sept. 16), in which Heder’s shaggy-haired medium steals scenes from spectral Reese Witherspoon and earthly beau Mark Ruffalo. (”He’s our Whoopi,” Witherspoon tells EW.) He just signed on to star in School for Scoundrels (Heder vies with his self-help guru, Billy Bob Thornton, for the affections of his dream girl). He’s voiced characters in two animated movies, Monster House and Surf’s Up (about wave-riding penguins). Already in the can are Benchwarmers (Heder, David Spade, and Rob Schneider play non-jock adults who compete against Little Leaguers) and Mila Kunis’ romantic comedy Moving McAllister, where he has a supporting role as a hitchhiker. Heder tells MTV News he doesn’t mind being typecast. ”It’s fun playing a dorky guy,” he says. ”Or someone ugly.” Dang!