Like everyone in Hollywood, what Gwyneth Paltrow really wants to do is direct. She’s getting her shot this week in Brooklyn, where, according to this New York Times report, she’s codirecting a 10-minute short called ”Dealbreakers,” a comic montage about a woman’s series of bad first dates. She wrote the story, too, adapting it from an essay sumbitted by a reader of Glamour magazine as part of a contest.

The Glamour competition yielded four films for a project by a group of actresses and female executives ”to further the cause of women in film,” the Times reports. (After all, how better to give unsung women a leg up in the industry than by giving a job to one of the world’s most in-demand actresses?) Watch for the four shorts on screen in selected cities in October and on a DVD inside the pages of Glamour’s December issue.

”There’s no reason why, if there’s Wedding Crashers for boys, there can’t be something really funny yet intelligent for women, that has something to say for women,” Paltrow tells the Times. Yeah, that’s fair, boys get a feature-length comedy made with studio money and distributed on thousands of screens; Gwyneth gets 10 minutes, a micro-budget, and distribution in the form of a magazine insert.