Madonna’s official website is promising fans a boogie-licious fall, with an Oct. 17 release date for her new single, ”Hung Up,” followed by the full album, Confessions on a Dancefloor, on Nov. 15. With Madge returning to her club roots, I thought it might be a good time to name her five best dance tracks ever (album tracks only — no remixes allowed). Drum roll, please…

5. ”Sky Fits Heaven” (Ray of Light)
4. ”Holiday” (Madonna)
3. ”Vogue” (I’m Breathless: Music From and Inspired by the Film Dick Tracy)
2. ”Nobody Knows Me” (American Life)
1. ”Music” (Music)

Okay, Madonna purists, I’ve donned my flame-proof bodysuit, and I’m ready for your furious efforts to incinerate me. What can I say? Even I’m aghast that I left out ”Deeper and Deeper,” ”Everybody,” and ”Into the Groove,” but nobody said paring down the list would be easy. Try it, and see for yourself.