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Is ABC stranding potential new Lost fans? New York Daily News critic David Bianculli thinks so. In a scathing column published today, Bianculli complains about ”the maddening way ABC is rerunning episodes of Lost this summer,” and as a result, ”really upsetting long-time fans who have tried to bring new viewers to the series during ABC’s ‘See it all, from the very beginning’ summer cycle.”

The problem, says Bianculli, is that the network is not, as advertised, showing every one of the first season’s 24-episode run; for example, ABC is skipping from episode 11 last week to episode 14 this week. Because the suspenseful series ”relies on an intricate sequential story structure,” says Bianculli, the rerun policy makes characters’ story lines very hard to follow.

Are you among the Lost neophytes struggling to keep up? Post your burning questions here and see if folks in the know can help you out. Either that, or check out’s season’s worth of TV Watches.

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