Joey Lauren Adams
Credit: Joey Lauren Adams: Neemah Aaron/AP

After the mid-’90s successes of Chasing Amy and Michael, she seemed poised to make some noise in Hollywood, but for the last few years, all’s been quiet on the Joey Lauren Adams front. Not to worry, though, Adams hasn’t fled the movie business, she’s just been holed up in her hometown of North Little Rock, Ark., writing, directing, and producing Come Early Morning, starring Ashley Judd and Diane Ladd. Adams tells the Associated Press she’s working feverishly to make the October deadline for Sundance Film Festival submissions, and then she’ll worry about getting a distributor.

With that mystery solved, PopWatch now turns its attention to the search for other missing favorites. Speaking of which, if you’ve spotted Profiler‘s Ally Walker lurking the streets of your hometown, drop us a line, would you?

addCredit(“Joey Lauren Adams: Neemah Aaron/AP”)