I know Caltech astronomer Mike Brown says ”Xena” is only a nickname for the solar system’s 10th planet — and that he’s submitted something a little more formal to the folks who’ll have the final say in naming the zippy little celestial body. But considering we’ve already got a planet named after a Disney character, and one with a moniker that doubles as a raunchy punch line (think about it), why shouldn’t the 15-member panel of the International Astronomical Union choose to honor a favorite TV goddess?

How about it, IAU? Planet Maude’s got a nice ring to it. Or maybe planet Maddie Hayes? Hey, I know, we could call it Aunt Sassy! It’s pronounceable, non-offensive, and 16 characters or less in length. Note to self: I need to see that!

What would you call the planet that must be named?