Brace yourselves. Ashlee Simpson is nearly done with her sophomore CD, In Another Life. Her father tells that two of the tracks (why two?) will focus on her infamous Saturday Night Live appearance last October, during which she was busted for using a backing vocal track. ”There’s no way to run away from failure because in everyone’s life, you’re going to meet it,” says stage dad Joe Simpson. ”So we try to teach our girls the way to do it is head on.” Papa Simpson reveals another song on the disc will be called ”Didn’t Steal Your Boyfriend,” which one can only guess is a response to tabloid accusations that Ashlee snatched That ’70s Show actor Wilmer Valderama from Lindsay Lohan.

With Ashlee drawing lyrical inspiration from her everyday life, though, I wonder how deep she’ll have to dig to fill out a full-length disc. Could we be treated to tracks inspired by her ironic appearance in a film originally titled Wannabe? Her ever-changing hair color? Her refusal to appear on Daddy’s new reality series, Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive?

What do you want to hear Ashlee sing about? Or would you rather she not sing at all?

addCredit(“Ashlee Simpson: Canadian Press, Nathan Denette/AP”)