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Credit: Waiting: Steven Teagle

Waiting, the restaurant comedy that looks funnier every time I watch the trailer (it opens Sept. 23), is the product of first-time writer-director Rob McKittrick, who’s been blogging about the production. Actually, the waiter-turned-filmmaker has been blogging about how the deal to make the movie came together. Selling the screenplay, which he began writing in 1997, was evidently a long and tortuous process; he’s been writing about it for two months, and he’s only made it up to about 1999 so far. Still, this is a very funny and bilious blog, thanks to frequent mention of McKittrick’s nemesis, the unnamed ”S—bag Producer.” If the movie is as sardonic and profane as the blog, McKittrick will never have to serve another fried onion blossom again.

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