'Tis the season for TV's fashion blunders -- Indicting the latest style offenders on television, including Whitney Houston, Dave Navarro, and the women of ''Six Feet Under''

Bad clothes and warm weather have long been inseparable in the real world. And it’s no different on TV, which has offered some of this year’s scariest fashion crimes. Here’s our list of main offenders.

Whitney Houston on Being Bobby Brown

We will always love you, Whitney, but your fashion choices are making it hard. Visors are a no-no unless you’re in the LPGA. And those Norma Desmond-style head scarves are unacceptable visor substitutes. Ugly headgear might be your prerogative, but it’s not right — nor okay — to wear them on national television.

The women of Six Feet Under

Under‘s fashion slump is even more shocking than its creative one. Poor Ruth (Frances Conroy) looks frumpier than ever, while the formerly hip Brenda (Rachel Griffiths) is saddled with drab maternity wear. And if Claire (Lauren Ambrose) must go corporate, can’t she do it without looking like a 1950s stenographer?

Dave Navarro on Rock Star: INXS

Memo to Dave: Keep the eyeliner. Keep the leather pants. But lose the feather boa. Are you taking style tips from your wife’s ex, Dennis Rodman? Feathers are for birds. Not for rock stars married to Carmen Electra.

Rachel Hunter on Dancing With the Stars

Kelly Monaco waltzed away with the disco-ball trophy, but Rachel Hunter wins the prize for Worst Use of Feathers Ever. (You’ve been upstaged, Navarro!) An ex-model should know better than to hit the dance floor dressed like a peacock. No wonder she got the boot.