Taking the temperature of pop culture -- We rate the hottest and coldest in entertainment

100F Raunchy comedy rides again, as Wedding Crashers and Aristocrats rule b.o. Time to remake My Tutor?

80F That penguin movie is poised to overtake Bowling for Columbine as second-highest-grossing doc ever. Sequel, please.

60F Katie Couric may leave Today to anchor CBS Evening News. But who’d replace her? Our vote: Jane Pauley!

40F Lachlan Murdoch quits father Rupert’s News Corp. On the plus side, he has a cool name.

20F Rock Star: INXS makes three misfires in a row for reality king Mark Burnett. Will Martha make him over?

0F Bono’s stage shout-out to Johnny Drama on an otherwise stellar Entourage conjures images of sharks jumping.