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Treasure ‘Island’

The cover of issue #830 was like a cool drink on a hot summer day. Thanks for a refreshing shot of Ewan McGregor in white, and the excellent article about his new movie The Island (”Attack of the Clones”). I have only one question: When can I order my Ewan clone?

Congratulations for unearthing Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson’s terribly awkward and unflattering junior-high homecoming-dance photo! Was your photographer upset with the two of them scrapping their indie cred for sci-fi trash?

After reading your article on how Michael Bay had to struggle to keep The Island‘s budget from eclipsing a paltry $120 million, I have three words for the ungrateful hack: boo f—ing hoo. It’s a good thing he wasn’t so restricted when he made such past gems as Bad Boys II and Pearl Harbor. There’s a bevy of talented filmmakers, storytellers, and actual artists in the world who would kill for a chance to bring their particular visions to life — at a micro-fraction of the cost.
Los Angeles

Dear John

I applaud your article on John Irving (”John Irving Comes Clean”). For a 25-year fan of the author’s, the release of a new book is like being hungry and sitting down to a 10-course gourmet meal. Instinct commands you to rush through it to experience every taste and pleasure, but wisdom tells you to take your time, savor every morsel, reflect and enjoy every bite and page as it will be years until you feast like this again.

Oscar Odd?

So, let’s see if I have this right: Jarhead‘s big liability is that a movie about Desert Storm (the 1991 war) may be too ”divisive,” but Brokeback Mountain‘s portrayal of homosexual romance may be too ”tame” to win an Oscar (”Prize Fighters,” News & Notes)? It is nonsense like this that shows the bias inherent in the entertainment industry. It is nonsense like this that drives down box office receipts and makes us peasants in flyover land know that you guys on the left coast are utterly out of touch with reality.
Minnetonka, Minn.

Blue ‘Moonlight’

I have always been quite satisfied with EW’s reviews, although when I read your take on Carly Simon’s Moonlight Serenade, I was quite disappointed (Music). It is one of her best ”classics” albums. I believe more people would like to buy a Carly Simon CD, good or bad, than a ’90s album full of boys who haven’t hit puberty yet and MC Hammer songs that could drive a person mad. Lastly, there was no mention that it comes with a DVD full of extras. Honestly, what were you guys thinking?
Andover, Mass.

‘Dancing’ Machine

Bravo to EW for being one of the only media outlets to point out what many Dancing With the Stars fans have known since the finale: that John O’Hurley was robbed of the victory (Television). I also think it was way too suspicious that winner Kelly Monaco was the only celebrity starring in a current ABC show. Perfect 10s for a final dance in which she stumbled? Puh-leeze. Memo to ABC execs: Attempt some semblance of fairness in the next round by prohibiting your current talent from participating. As the saying goes, fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, I’m flipping the channel.
New York City