The ''Kept'' winner speaks out -- Find out why Jerry Hall's new boy-toy could care less about winning VH1's reality show

Meet Seth Frye, 34, a self-proclaimed high school dropout who holds the rare distinction of having outlasted 11 other ”unrefined Americans” to win VH1’s bizarrely addictive reality show Kept. For his labors, including etiquette lessons and posing nude, Frye scores a year as Jagger ex Jerry Hall’s lapdog, $100K, and a night out drinking with EW to celebrate/explain himself. (For example, why is he hitting on his interviewer? ”I hit on everyone. It’s a numbers game,” he clarifies.) It’s clear that Frye fit the ”unrefined” part of the producers’ bill: During his audition, he told a story about hooking up with an acquaintance’s mom when he was 17. ”Nice lady,” he says, in a yawning Boston accent. Then he adds: ”I think my dad [hooked up with] her too.” Ever the party animal, Frye spent most of his time on the show getting ”f—ing s—faced” with the crew, apparently breaking that fourth wall out of necessity. ”Half the cast were f—ing illiterate. The only people I could have conversations with were [fellow contestants] Maurizio, Austen, or the camera crew.” The man just might be the most pathologically uninterested contestant in the history of reality TV, despite what appears to be genuine affection for Hall (he rates her a ”22” on a scale of 1 to 10). ”I’m supposed to say I’m going to be at Jerry’s beck and call, blah blah blah,” he says. ”I had a great time. But I really don’t know. Gimme my hundred grand.” So what does the future hold for this semi-kept man? ”I think everybody’s born with one special purpose, and mine is, uh. . .I don’t know. I know nothing’s gonna happen outside of me winning this stupid show, but I feel like there’s a lot of potential for me to do something.”