Kaysar of ''Big Brother 6'' gets smart -- Read how he and other ''B.B.'' contestants used their brains while staying in the camera-filled house
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Even if he’s been sent packing by the time you read this, Kaysar Ridha is the man. In correctly calling out all the secret pairs on CBS’ Big Brother 6, the Iraqi American showcased his smarts and added a new chapter to the Big Brother book of strategic gems. Here are a few other beauts.

Nakomis’ ”six-finger plan” (BB5)
The Goth rocker found a way to evict rival Jase: She nominated two of her allies for elimination, ensuring they would control the veto — which was used to kick Jase out.

Jason and Danielle’s alliance (BB3)
Who’d think a sugar-sweet virgin and a volatile loudmouth would form a secret alliance? No one. The duo ingeniously concealed their pact, communicating almost exclusively while playing cards and making it to the final three.

Lisa votes to keep Eric out of the house (BB3)
Season 3 winner Lisa had a chance to bring her ousted boyfriend Eric back, but she realized being part of a couple made her more of a target. So, in: Amy.

Will acts like a bastard (BB2)
The strategy: Make everyone hate you so much they figure they can easily get rid of you later, and ride that wave of complacency to a cool 500 Gs. All hail the Evil Doctor!

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