''Dukes'' will crash the ''Wedding'' party. The ''Hazzard'' crew rev up the General Lee to vex Boss Hogg and the weekend competition
The Dukes of Hazzard (Movie - 2005)
Credit: Dukes of Hazzard: Sam Emerson
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Will The Dukes of Hazzard dominate the box office this weekend? Can I get a ”Yee-haw!!!”?

Facing a complete lack of competition (unless you count March of the Penguins‘ doubling its theater count as competition), the movie version of the classic TV show will easily top the box office chart, helped by a theater count (3,785) that makes it the ninth widest opening of all time. (Not counting animated films, it’s No. 5.)

But don’t expect the ninth-biggest opening weekend of all time. Featuring white-bread fave Jessica Simpson alongside good ol’ boys Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott, Dukes is likely to be a flyover phenomenon, and not as big a draw on the coasts. Still, I’ll hazard a guess of $35 million for its opening-weekend take.

Wedding Crashers, meanwhile, will slip back to second place with another $13 million, followed by Sky High, which should gross $9 million in its second weekend. Completing the top five will be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Must Love Dogs, both of which will earn $8 million. In other words, for the next seven days, nobody’ll be able to catch the General Lee.

Wedding Crashers
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