Meet the parents! Ben Stiller, 39, and his wife, actress Christine Taylor, 34, greeted son Quinlin Dempsey on July 10. Daughter Ella is 3. . . .Sean Astin, 34, and wife Christine, 37, welcomed their third child, Isabella Louise, on July 22.


The boy from Oz greeted a baby girl from Texas, as Hugh Jackman, 36, and his wife, actress Deborra-Lee Furness, 45, adopted a second child, Ava Eliot, born July 10.


Actress Sheryl Lee Ralph (Moesha), 48, wed Pennsylvania state senator Vincent Hughes, 48, July 30 in L.A. It is her second marriage, his third.


Caroline Hickman, 33, divorced actor Steve Coogan (24 Hour Party People), 39, July 27 in London, after more than two years of marriage.


Alfred ”Fredo” LaPonza, 33, a former contestant on the NBC reality show Average Joe: Hawaii, filed suit July 21 against the network, seeking more than $10 million. LaPonza alleges that NBC stole his idea to use cosmetic surgery and dentistry to prettify the program’s participants. Reps from NBC say, ”The lawsuit is entirely without merit.”. . .Cammy wins again. A week after an L.A. jury convicted a photographer of forging her signature, British tabloid The Sun has given Cameron Diaz, 32, a public apology and an undisclosed sum. The paper reported in May that the Charlie’s Angel cheated on beau Justin Timberlake with married MTV producer Shane Nickerson, but now admits the incident only involved a ”goodbye hug” between friends. . . .NYC grandmother Florence Cohen, 85, filed a class-action suit against Rockstar Games Inc. on July 27, claiming the videogame makers deceived consumers about sexually explicit content hidden in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The company has halted production to develop a version of the game free of the racy content…. Richard Pryor, 64, filed suit July 27 in L.A. against his daughter Rain, 36, and director Penelope Spheeris (Wayne’s World), 59, claiming they are refusing to return the only known copy of his 1968 movie Uncle Tom’s Fairy Tales. Rain Pryor’s reps say, ”She would never do anything to hurt her father.” Spheeris could not be reached for comment.


Bo Bice, 29, broke his foot at a July 31 concert in Manchester, N.H. The rocker says he won’t miss any shows on the current American Idols Live! tour.


”I’ve had dogs my whole life,” said Billy Crudup at Broadway Barks, July 30 in NYC. So who’d he want to adopt him if he were a canine? ”Stephen Hawking. That’d be pretty cool.”


Already sharing custody of Meet the Fockers, Steven Spielberg’s upcoming Munich, and an extended Gladiator DVD (out Aug. 23), DreamWorks SKG and NBC Universal might make their marriage permanent. According to The Wall Street Journal, corporate parent GE gave NBC-Uni the green light on July 29 to negotiate the purchase of DreamWorks SKG in a deal that could reach $1 billion. Reps from both declined to comment.