Celebrity kids get dirty in Joe Simpson's new show -- Jessica's dad discusses how contestants like George Foreman's son fared in ''Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive''

Celebrity kids get dirty in Joe Simpson’s new show

EW interviews don’t usually tackle horse spunk, but Joe Simpson, father/ manager of Jessica and Ashlee, couldn’t help himself when discussing his new reality series, E!’s Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive. ”They did a semen extraction with the horses,” proclaims Simpson, regarding the cast of celebrity offspring. Drive (premiering Aug. 7) sends 10 kids, including Pat Benatar’s daughter Haley Giraldo and Lou Ferrigno’s daughter, Shanna, to a Colorado ranch for some City Slickers-style fun. EW asked Simpson how some of the others fared.

Courtenay Semel, daughter of Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel:
”She stepped up, skinned the rattlesnake, and ate it.”

Fabian Basabe, son of Ecuadorian entrepreneur Fabian Basabe Sr.:
”He had a mosquito net flown in so he wouldn’t get bugs at night.”

George Foreman III, son of — duh — George Foreman:
”He is probably the most familiar with cattle. They have a horse farm.”