Bill Murray's tracksuit from ''Broken Flowers'' -- Director Jim Jarmusch went with the atypical style statement because it was ''slender and referenced the '70s''

Hot on the trail of his possible son, Bill Murray spends most of Broken Flowers wearing a variety of pricey Fred Perry tracksuits. Not exactly typical indie fashion. ”[Director] Jim [Jarmusch] and I decided that Bill’s character could afford anything he wanted, but probably only went shopping twice a year,” says costume designer John Dunn. ”So for his home wear, we wanted something uncomplicated but stylish.” After trying everything from Hugo Boss to Armani, they settled on the laurel-adorned leisure wear. ”We also liked it because the cut was slender and referenced the ’70s, which was the heyday of Bill’s character as a young playboy,” adds Dunn. ”It just felt so right.” For Perry, so did giving the cast and crew jackets after the film wrapped.