-The Golden Globes are leading what will likely be an awards show stampede from Sundays to Mondays to avoid getting clobbered by Desperate Housewives. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the group behind the Globes, was worried that its show will now air on the Martin Luther King holiday, but they know it’s okay because they checked with Samuel L. Jackson. (No, seriously. They did.)

-With six weeks to go before airtime for the Emmys, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences is still considering having writers and directors deliver pre-taped acceptance speeches to save time. Sorry, non-famous honorees, but we can’t risk not having enough time for Doris Roberts to thank her agent.

-America’s first televised literary awards, the Quills, will be handed out on Oct. 11. Nominees in various categories include J.K. Rowling, Lemony Snicket, Philip Roth, Stephen King, Jon Stewart, and Bob Dylan. (What, no nomination for Confessions of an Heiress? Paris Hilton wuz robbed!) You can help pick the winners at