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Everyone poops — my 2-year-old nephew can tell you that. (Well, actually, he’d be more likely to just yell ”poo-poo!” and then run off giggling into the next room, but you know what I’m sayin’). Yet the frequency and intensity of toilet references coming from many of the season’s hottest TV series is enough to make me feel like, oh, a Chicago tourist dodging gallons of liquefied human waste flushed from a Dave Matthews Band tour bus. Consider:

-On practically every episode of Being Bobby Brown, Bobby and Whitney discuss their intestinal woes — from Bobby’s alarmingly hands-on approach to alleviating his wife’s constipation to Whitney coining a hot new term for powdering her nose.

-Tonight’s premiere of FX’s new sitcom Starved includes characters discussing orgasm-inducing colonics (registration required), and one in particular who, um, how do I say this, expels water from where the sun don’t shine.

-Last night’s So You Think You Can Dance devoted several minutes to the drama of fan favorite Allan Frias stepping in Chihuahua droppings.

-Kathy Griffin’s Wednesday-night Bravo special included references to soiling her own pants.

-Oh, and don’t forget Lisa Kudrow’s Valerie Cherish getting puppy poo in her hair on The Comeback.