Bachelor Boys

Bachelor Boys


Phoebe Darling is dying of leukemia and worried about what will become of her ”boys” — 30-ish sons Ben and Fritz, sweet-natured artistic types with no particular plans to leave home. So she summons Cassie, the former neighbor whose parents’ bitter relationship sent her seeking childhood refuge with the motherly Phoebe and her family. Cassie, now 31, has her act together — she runs a highbrow British literary mag, has an upstanding boyfriend, and associates with nothing but similarly accomplished women. All of which makes her the perfect person to find the Darling boys suitable wives. Within the gentle male-bashing of Kate Saunders’ Bachelor Boys — every guy here is a directionless free spirit or an uptight bore — is some truth about changing gender roles. And even better: Within the high-concept matchmaking scheme are some genuinely funny and heart-wrenching moments.

Bachelor Boys
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