Thanks to TV Tattle, I’m just catching up with this Washington Post article from last Thursday, recounting a visit to the set of Robert Altman’s screen adaptation of Garrison Keillor’s venerable radio show. It’s a long piece, but it’s full of juicy insider stuff, including what it was like to direct Lindsay Lohan during a period of tabloid frenzy (she was very professional, Altman says); the unlikely collaboration between the buttoned-down radio host and the chaos-loving director; the name of the young, Altman-esque filmmaker hired as an understudy for the 80-year-old director, in case ”I croaked or lost a day”; the name of Saturday Night Live and Prairie Home Companion cast member Maya Rudolph’s boyfriend and father-to-be of her baby (turns out it’s the understudy director); and some funny business with John C. Reilly and a flatulence machine. Read it here.