At first I was afraid… of the thudding bass line emerging from PopWatch headquarters when I arrived at work this morning. Thankfully, though, my coworkers hadn’t convened some heinous Jazzercise class outside my office before I’d had a chance to finish my first Diet Coke. Nope, they were all just gettin’ jiggy over the 2005 inductees to the Dance Music Hall Of Fame.

”Who’s on the list?” you might ask. Why, let’s take a look. This year’s honorees include Chic, Gloria Gaynor and Sylvester, for starters. (Wha? The fearsome threesome hadn’t already made the cut?). Four songs also passed muster: ”Stayin’ Alive,” ”I Will Survive,” ”Got to Be Real,” and ”Good Times.”

Now those are some classics, people, wouldn’t you agree? Let’s all flip our feathered locks in unison, and sing along with Chic: ”Don’t be a drag, participate. Clams on the half-shell, and roller skates. (Roller skates!)”