Jimi Hendrix
Credit: Jimi Hendrix: AP

Five news stories: Three of ’em real, the other two totally made up. See if you can decipher fact from fiction before your fourth cup of coffee.

A) Tom Petty discusses terrifying details of 1987 arson.
B) Gwen Stefani calls “Hollaback” hit a “massive practical joke.”
C) Michael Jackson will play a spy in a straight-to-DVD movie spoof about stranded pageant contestants.
D) Jimi Hendrix (left) played gay to avoid Vietnam war, new bio sez.
E) Martha Stewart is recording a spoken-word album with pal Carly Simon.

Get the answers after the jump.

B. and E. are the fakes. As much as I wish Martha would extend her omnipresent and tastefuloven mitts into the world of music, alas, she’s a tad too busy runningher multimedia empire and preparing her Apprentice spinoff totake a turn at the mic. Stefani’s hit, meanwhile, may be bananas, butas it’s still No. 6 on Billboard’s hot 100, you know as well as I thatit’s no joke.

On the other hand, I know this much is true: A new book about Petty finds the singer discussing how firefighters showed him a can of lighter fluidthat an arsonist used to start a blaze at his California mansion whilehe and his family were still inside; according to, Jackson isindeed co-starring with Eric Roberts in Miss Cast Away, in which he’ll play ”Agent M. J.,” a cryptic figure in cahoots with the Vatican; and yes, an upcoming Hendrix bio claims the singer declared his love for a fellow soldier in order to get discharged from military service. Hmmm. Maybe there’s something to that oft-misquoted ”kiss this guy” lyric after all.

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