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Credit: Guess Who: Claudette Barius

This reverse update of 1967’s Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner — in which Ashton Kutcher meets the parents of his black fiancée — is surprisingly high on heart and low on laughs. Which means we’d rather watch daddy Bernie Mac talk to Kutcher or Zoë Saldaña (who plays Mac’s levelheaded daughter) in Guess Who than see those go-kart and lingerie scenes again.

EXTRAS ”It’s a comedy — don’t get too far from the jokes,” director Kevin Rodney Sullivan (How Stella Got Her Groove Back) says in his commentary. Perhaps he should’ve taken his own advice. While he’s busy detailing intricacies like the lighting and camera work for nearly every shot — snooze — we get, literally, only three interesting stories. The best: In real life, Mac actually did climb into bed with one of his daughter’s suitors.

The deleted scenes and making-of documentary are equally humorless, even though we’re told that Mac launched into an hour-long on-set stand-up routine while the cameras were rolling. (We do get a tease, but this should have been awarded its own special feature.) At least the gag reel includes a slo-mo take of Kutcher and Mac’s pillow football game — the in-it-to-win-it pair’s funniest moment.

Guess Who!
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