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The final days of Hitler and his Reich are meticulously re-created through the eyes of his young stenographer (Alexandra Maria Lara), who knew the mass-murdering anti-Semite as ”the best boss she had ever had.” Bruno Ganz plays the decaying Führer with such chilling realism that even the actor’s on-set interviews send a shiver up your spine. But his Hitler is not a caricaturish demon. ”I cannot hate him completely,” says Ganz. ”[If I did], I would not be able to play him.” Instead, he captures both the deranged lunatic who rants that the German people deserve their now-hopeless fate and the charismatic Uncle Adolf who seduced a nation. EXTRAS Portions of five bonus interviews with cast and crew are woven into the 58-minute ”Making of Downfall” doc, and director Oliver Hirschbiegel’s English-language commentary recounts the importance of Magda Goebbels’ cold-blooded ”Sleep tight, children” scene: ”As painful as it is, it has to be in this movie because it stands for that monstrosity of that whole system.”


  • Movie
  • R
  • 155 minutes
  • Oliver Hirschbiegel