The Manolos on Katie Couric’s feet, she bought ’em. And if they show off her shapely gams to maximum effect, well, it’s never been part of any master plan, she tells Ken Auletta in an upcoming issue of The New Yorker. According to an excerpt of the story in today’s New York Daily News, Couric says she’s ”never tried to be uber-sexy. I want to age gracefully. At 48 now, I’ve finally lost my baby fat. I want to look nice and feel attractive.” So don’t go trying to bandy her about like a holiday piñata, okay?

Couric’s stance shouldn’t rile rising R&B diva Jaguar Wright, unless, of course, the Today host starts dipping it low for Matt Lauer. ”We have moved backward, with women in music allowing themselves to be presented as sexual objects again,” Wright complains in an editorial she wrote for this week’s Billboard magazine. “What do we do now that they only want our bodies and not our souls? Now that they would rather see us on our knees in music videos than on our feet at live music venues?”

Hmmm…could Wright’s salvo mean an end to Shakira’s patent-protected ribcage undulation? Should it make Jessica Simpson think twice about washing cars in a pink bikini? Or, rather, is the showing of skin all about an artist — or an anchor’s — personal comfort level?