Do not adjust your TV sets. The fabulousness coming to your screens this fall is no mistake. In descending order from most exciting to least, here’s today’s primetime, network casting news.

The lovely and versatile Jean Smart (left), freed from the crapfest of Center of the Universe, is joining 24 as President Logan’s wife.

Oscar nominee Jennifer Tilly, apparently not in the midst of shooting another ‘Chucky’ sequel, has been added to the cast (scroll down) of CBS’s upcoming sitcom, Out of Practice, playing Henry Winkler’s younger girlfriend.

All My Children‘s Eva La Rue will learn all about Bunsen burners and pocket protectors when she lands a job in the lab on CSI: Miami.

Okay, TV fans. Did I get the order right? Fire away!

addCredit(“Jean Smart: Tammie Arroyo/AP”)