As we head into the oppressive heat of August, this would be a good weekend to stay inside and enjoy your air conditioning. Besides, there’s plenty to do this weekend in the living room:

-Fox begins a marathon of Arrested Development Fridays, which will recap the entire second season over the next five weeks. The first four Season 2 eps begin airing tonight at 8. C’mon, how much easier does Fox have to make it for you?

-Bob Saget, James Cameron, Mandy Moore — it seems like Entourage has had as many offbeat guest cameos this season as Will & Grace. So far, however, W&G hasn’t had walk-ons by anyone as cool as U2, though Cher comes close. The rockers join Aquaman and his Superfriends on Sunday at 10.

-Since 1998’s The Last Dog and Pony Show, legendary punk frontman Bob Mould has hung up his electric guitar, dabbled in electronica, and written wrestling scripts. But the Husker Du/Sugar guitarist plugs back in on Body of Song, his new album, in stores this week.

-Bill Maher’s latest HBO stand-up special is I’m Swiss. Watch for more of the biting, pox-on-all-their-houses political humor that marks Maher’s Real Time, only without Maher having to let anyone else try to get a word in edgewise. (Saturday at 10)

-If you want to stay cool but go outside vicariously, the Season 1 DVD of MTV’s reality-soap Laguna Beach is out this week. So you can at least pretend you’re at the beach, without actually risking melanoma.