Sorry to learn that Rock Star: INXS host Brooke Burke and her husband, Extreme Makeover plastic surgeon Garth Fisher, are splitting up. Their news comes a few days after the announcement that Princes of Malibu‘s Linda Thompson had filed for divorce from her on- and off-camera spouse, music producer David Foster, and two weeks after the news that The Apprentice‘s Omarosa and her husband of five years have separated. Not to mention Big Brother 6 housemate Janelle’s on-camera dumping of her boyfriend back home after hooking up with the soon-to-be-evicted Michael last week.

It’d be easy for these TV personalities to blame the pressure of being in the reality fishbowl, but at least two of these splits seem to have been in the works for some time. Or is it that reality casting directors seek out the unhappily married? As Tolstoy might have said, if he were a reality TV producer: Happy couples are all alike, but unhappy couples make for good ratings.