What does a desperate housewife smell like? Pine-Sol? Fresh-baked cookies? Wisteria? We’ll find out for sure now that leading perfume house Coty is cooking up a Desperate Housewives scent. Although different formulas for Lynette, Bree, Gabrielle, Susan, and Edie seem like a no-brainer to me, Coty reportedly thinks one smell will cover all five ladies.

Either way, if Desperate does big business, you know other TV producers will jump on the perfume bandwagon. But which ones? Law & Order and CSI have a proven track record with brand extensions, but I’m not convinced about the olfactory delights of crime scenes, autopsy tables, and interrogation rooms. With its mix of tropical flora, rice rations, and local ”delicacies,” Survivor: Guatemala could be kind of, er, interesting, though I’d probably rather splash on some Entourage, or maybe The O.C. One thing I’m certain of, however: No way am I sniffing a sample of Monday Night Football. What shows do you think would make the best — and worst — scents?