Diane Lane, Must Love Dogs

You’d think that, when it comes to writing movie review headlines, dog puns would be an editor’s best friend. Judging by howlers accompanying today’s reviews of Must Love Dogs, you’d be wrong. Here are the ones that caught my eye:

Great minds think alike:
New York Post: It’s Puppy Love
Dallas Observer: Puppy Love

Leash law:
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: ‘Must Love Dogs’ keeps Cusack, Lane on predictable short leash
Charlotte Observer: Romance unleashed in ‘Must Love Dogs’
Detroit Free Press: DOGGONE IT: Sitcom-style romance has pedigreed cast on a leash

Best ‘Dog’-Fight
Washington Post: ‘Must Love Dogs’: One Tail-Wagger of a Romance
Washington Post: No Love for This Dog

Mongrelized mixed metaphors:
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Unoriginal ‘Must Love Dogs’ can’t quite sniff out that elusive spark
Los Angeles Daily News: Many bones to pick with cliche-heavy ‘Dogs’

Actually clever:
The Oregonian: This dog won’t hunt
New York Daily News: ‘Must Love Dogs’ one ick puppy

Is cuteness a good or a bad thing?
Providence Journal: Doggone Cute
Baltimore Sun: ‘Dogs’ rolls over and plays cute
Boston Globe: Harmless ‘Dogs’ is just too cute

C’mon, you’re not even trying:
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: ‘Must Love Dogs’ woos romantics
Miami Herald: Cusack, Lane perfectly matched for a summer date
Philadelphia Inquirer: An Internet dating comedy still searching for a plot
USA Today: There’s a lot to love about ‘Must Love Dogs’

San Francisco Chronicle: Lane, Cusack go through the motions in run-of-the-dog-mill Internet romance

I’m lost:
New York Times: Taking a Long, Winding and Bumpy Road to the Magical Intersection of Mr. and Ms. Right

Best headline tying the movie to a larger cultural malaise
Christian Science Monitor: The dog days of summer movies