Paula Abdul
Credit: Paula Abdul: Bebeto Matthews/AP

Uh-oh, Paula Abdul’s getting the 60 Minutes Wednesday treatment. As CBS did with Dan Rather, Fox has brought in an independent counsel to investigate the Corey Clark allegations. Unlike CBS, which announced early on that the investigator was former U.S. Attorney General Richard Thornburgh, Fox won’t say who’s conducting its double-super-secret probe. Then again, Rather was accused of merely trying to sway a presidential election, while Abdul’s actions may have affected the outcome of American Idol.

Whoever the independent counsel is, he or she may want to wrap up the probe before Aug. 18, when next season’s Idol auditions begin. At that point, Abdul will surely return to work, penalty or no penalty. ”Look, the audience loves Paula,” Fox entertainment chief Peter Liguori said yesterday. ”She continues to get support, she continues to light up our online site, our message board.”

How do you think the Paulagate investigation will play out?

addCredit(“Paula Abdul: Bebeto Matthews/AP”)