Letters from our readers -- Check out the readers who agreed with us, and those who didn't

‘Wedding’ Bells

Today I had my car towed, took a tough statistics test, and my boyfriend wants to be ”just friends.” So imagine my joy when I glanced at Vince (sigh) Vaughn and Owen (drool) Wilson on the cover of your magazine. Vaughn and Wilson are two of the sexiest and funniest men in Hollywood. Thanks for making my day. It was like Mama’s kiss on a scraped knee.
Lake Charles, La.

Your Wedding Crashers article (”The Pick-Up Artists”) noted the scarce number of R-rated comedies that have grossed more than $150 million, listing Scary Movie and There’s Something About Mary as the only two examples. Obviously you folks never heard of Beverly Hills Cop. Released back in 1984, it remains the third-biggest R-rated hit in any genre. Major oversight on your part, EW! And if you try to justify it by labeling the movie an action vehicle, I have two words for you: Eddie Murphy.
Bayside, N.Y.

Space Is the Place

Thank you so much for giving Battlestar Galactica the attention it so richly deserves (”Amazing Space”). Every episode is a nail-biter, the writing is excellent, and the cast is amazing. Desperate Housewives? Lost? The best new show on television last season was Battlestar Galactica.
Somerville, Mass.

Hedberg of the Class

Thank you for your article on Mitch Hedberg (”Comedy’s Kurt Cobain”). When news of his death came out, many of his fans felt incredible sadness and loss — and then frustration that almost no news media covered it in detail. Hedberg’s comedy was truly innovative: clean, totally absurd, and the funniest damn thing I have ever heard. I hope your story brings him legions of new fans.
Portland, Ore.

I have been enamored with Mitch Hedberg’s simple but side-splitting humor since I first saw him on Comedy Central Presents. When I learned of his death, I only hoped that proper acknowledgment would be given to his life and career. To many of his fans, Hedberg was not the unmotivated stoner that some might have perceived him to be, but a brilliant, if troubled, performer whose shy, sweet nature shone through each time he graced a stage. Thank you for realizing that.
Winter Springs, Fla.

Live Hate

I was very disappointed that you seemed to have nothing more to say about MTV’s coverage of Live 8 than to call it ”prepackaged” and ”commercial-heavy” (Music). While that may be true, you certainly let this ”music” network off far too lightly. Its coverage of Live 8 was the most colossally bungled TV coverage of a major live event I’ve ever seen. If people have memories of Live 8 at all, it will be of their own anger at MTV for botching the entire day. I would’ve liked to see some hard questions posed to MTV execs, to try to understand how and why their coverage failed so completely.
Grand Rapids, Mich.