Could Kate Hudson’s nice-girl persona be just a big act? Helen Pidd, a writer for British newspaper The Guardian, seems to suggest exactly that in an unflattering profile published yesterday. Check out this doozy of an excerpt:

Pidd also criticizes The Skeleton Key star’s tendency to start questions with the phrase ”I’m the kind of person who …” and finish with such self-flattering remarks as ”just wants to make people happy/wants to experience everything and learn everything I possibly can/has always been interested in so many things.” Ouch! C’mon now, Helen, how do you really feel?

On the other hand, though, you might make the case that it’s Pidd who’s got the attitude problem. Her description of Hudson’s physical appearance is particularly brutal:

Whew, I’m glad she’s not around to see my new haircut! No matter whose side you’re on, the article is must-read material. Who’s the villain and who’s the victim? Weigh in now!