Is it really that impressive to bring together for the first time Saturday Night Live alums Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd with SCTV stalwarts Harold Ramis and Rick Moranis? Nah, that’s the easy part. What turned Ghostbusters into a classic was director Ivan Reitman’s ability to stir genuine ghoulish scares into the clever dialogue and funny bits. The cast and director reunited five years later for Ghostbusters 2; the sequel may boast more impressive F/X (the Statue of Liberty walking into Manhattan is electrifying), but it misses the spirit of the original. EXTRAS Busted! The only new material on the two-disc set is a few episodes of the forgettable cartoon spin-off The Real Ghostbusters. The rest (featurettes, deleted scenes, a wisecracking commentary in which Reitman lets slip that John Candy was offered Moranis’ role — but he wanted to play it with a German accent!) are recycled from the 1999 DVD release. Boo to that! 1: A
2: B