The chronicle of a ''Yes Man'' -- EW talks with Danny Wallace about his adventures with saying yes to everything for a year

”It’s the little things in life that can actually make you think about the biggest things,” says Danny Wallace, a 28-year-old British comedian who until recently sported a mullet, thanks to Yes Man. The book’s premise is simple: He said yes. To everything. For a year.

It all began as another one of what Wallace’s ex-girlfriend calls his Stupid Boy Projects: ”You don’t know what the point of it is, but you’re pretty certain that at some point you will find the point,” he explains. Previous SBPs include starting a cult, chronicled in last year’s Join Me!, and tracking down a bunch of guys named Dave Gorman in Are You Dave Gorman? But after a man on a bus told Wallace to ”say yes more,” he decided to try. ”It could very easily have gone completely wrong,” he says. ”I could have ended up dead in a gutter or just constantly drunk.”

Instead, he won £25,000 on a scratch-off card and promptly lost it all, got promoted, allowed himself to be duped by an Internet scam, took a ”psychotropic mindbomb” in Amsterdam, and had one truly life-changing experience that he won’t talk about here. ”It would probably give away the ending of the book,” he explains. ”But it’s girl-based.” (No wonder Jack Black has optioned film rights to Yes Man.)

Already, Wallace has moved on to his next SBP: starting his own country for a BBC2 series. ”Technically, it’s my one-bedroom flat in London. But I’ve gone round No. 10 [Downing St.] and left a declaration of independence there for Tony Blair, just saying ‘Look, Tony, we’re both busy men, and if you’ve got any problems with what I’ve done, just gimme a ring.’ And he hasn’t rung me yet, so. . .”