Vast left-wing conspiracy or good old-fashioned entertainment? Pick your favorite quote from a panel discussion on ABC’s Commander-in-Chief (a drama about the first female U.S. president starring Geena Davis, left) at this week’s Television Critics Association press tour in Los Angeles.

A) ”It’s not like when I hired them they had to fill out aquestionnaire and say, ‘I’m a Democrat.”’ –show creator Rod Lurie, after no one onthe show’s panel copped to being a Republican

B) ”I’m involved in the politics of making sure that ABC and Touchstone are very happy with this show.” —Davis, who later said she is a Democrat

C) ”It’s naive to think that a woman can actually do an effective job in the primaries, unfortunately. But if Hillary [Clinton] does win the [presidential] nomination, we’re going to take credit.” –Lurie

addCredit(“Commander in Chief: Kent Eanes/ABC”)