Credit: Dancing with the Stars: Adam Larkey

At last, our long national nightmare is over. Bowing to complaints, ABC plans to make the voting on the next edition of Dancing with the Stars more like American Idol. When the show returns in January, it’ll air twice a week, adding a results show so that audiences and judges are voting on the same week’s performances. Also, there may be more than six couples, so the series will last longer. (Let’s see if, at two nights a week, ABC has the chutzpah to overlap at all with Fox’s two nights a week of Idol.)

Meanwhile, Dancing winner Kelly Monaco is telling John O’Hurley fans to suck it up. Following up ABC entertainment chief Stephen McPherson’s suggestion that she and runner-up O’Hurley have a rematch, she told a reporter at the TV Critics’ conclave, ”You want a dance-off, come on up here — I’ll give you a dance-off!” She scoffed at those who’ve grumbled that her status as an ABC soap star had anything to do with her victory. ”I guess Trista wasn’t part of ABC, huh? Oh, she was?” She also dismissed the idea that General Hospital‘s fanbase had anything to do with her win. ”John O’Hurley was part of a phenomenon: Seinfeld — 20 million viewers a week, still on the air in syndication! I’m on a soap that holds 2.5 million. You do the math!” For a championship dancer, Monaco’s certainly not afraid to step on anyone else’s toes.

addCredit(“Dancing with the Stars: Adam Larkey”)