Two juicy casting rumors about the upcoming installments in the Spider-Man and James Bond film franchises:

-Columbia announced a few months ago that Sideways‘ Thomas Haden Church would play a mysterious villain in 2007’s Spider-Man 3, but kept the identity of said villain under wraps. But the spies at Development-Hell claim to have blown the baddie’s cover (POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT): It’s the Chameleon. (Who? Read his rap sheet here.) Columbia isn’t likely to confirm or deny this report until production begins at the end of 2005, but the news jibes with what Haden Church told Entertainment Weekly for last month’s Must List issue, where he described his character as ”a horse of many colors.” He elaborated a little, adding: ”Let’s just say he’s an amorphous collection of protons, electrons, and neutrons, of different colors.”

-As for who’ll play James Bond in the upcoming Casino Royale, the 007 fansite MI6 says that the list of possible candidates has grown to include ER doc/Elektra costar Goran Visnjic, who the site says screen-tested for the role last month. (Link thanks to Moviehole.) Again, no confirmation of whether or not the Croatian heartthrob will play the British superspy, but the news does reinforce the long-held contention by Pierce Brosnan, first uttered in an EW exclusive last year, that he’s never slipping into Bond’s tuxedo again.