Christina Ricci
Credit: Christina Ricci: Chris Weeks/AP

Reading last week about Reese Witherspoon’s forthcoming film Penelope, a romance she’s producing and co-starring in, I wondered why Producer Reese hadn’t cast Actress Reese in the leading role, which has gone instead to Christina Ricci. In next week’s Entertainment Weekly, however, Ricci solves the mystery. ”It’s a modern-day fable about this girl whose family lineage is cursed,” the Cursed star tells EW. Namely: ”She’s born with a pig’s nose! And the only way to break the curse is for someone of her own kind to accept and love her.” She adds, ”My agent was actually afraid to send the script to me because she thought I’d be offended.” How gracious of Witherspoon to cede the prosthetic-schnozz role to another actress; after all, that’s how Nicole Kidman won an Oscar.

addCredit(“Christina Ricci: Chris Weeks/AP”)