It was destiny, really: Fran Drescher (near left) tells USA Today that American Idol‘s Mikalah Gordon (far left), this season’s teenage Drescher-ette, will appear on the season premiere of the Nanny’s new WB series, Living with Fran. (In a nice bit of nepotism, Drescher’s mom, dad, and dog will also appear on the show.)

The 17-year-old Gordon’s guest spot (”She’s going to play Cousin Brianna and sing at a bar mitzvah,” Drescher said) marks a rare occasion that a star has worked with his or her Mini-Me. After all, Jack Nicholson has never gone eyebrow-to-eyebrow with Christian Slater. Jodie Foster hasn’t worked with Dakota Fanning (yet). So which stars and their little clones would you like to see working together? Ann-Margret and Lindsay Lohan? Beyoncé and Ciara? Green Day and Good Charlotte?

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