Apparently, we’re not big enough lapdogs. In separate articles, Law & Order guru Dick Wolf, HBO chairman Chris Albrecht, and The Island director Michael Bay all blame their current troubles on a lack of sufficiently effusive press coverage.

Wolf says that, while business pages have noticed that L&O is ”the most profitable brand in the history of the medium” (he claims it generated $1 billion in ad revenue last year), the TV pages haven’t been cheerleading as loudly, preferring to nitpick that Criminal Intent lost ground to new Sunday rival Desperate Housewives, or that Trial By Jury, um, got canceled after just a few episodes. Albrecht moaned that, while shows like Deadwood and The Wire are as good as anything HBO has ever aired, they ”need buzz.” (The article, by zeitgeist chronicler Kurt Anderson, introduced me to the German word Groszügigkeit, which I guess is something else HBO’s struggling shows don’t get enough of.) Bay complained that there hadn’t been enough buzz about his little art-film, though he was gracious enough to add, ”I’m not blaming the whole thing on the marketers.”

Uh, don’t know about anyone else, but Entertainment Weekly put The Island and Law & Order: SVU on our covers. Albrecht may be right, though; The Wire is great, and while our critics have been touting it, maybe we need to put some of the stars on the cover. (And they are… ?) There, Chris, are ya happy? Granted, touting your shows on PopWatch may not help that much, but that’s only because our new blog hasn’t received enough positive media coverage.