Missy Elliott, Michael Jackson
Credit: Missy Elliott: Jim Cooper/AP; Michael Jackson: Michael A. Mariant/AP

That August issue of Spin magazine looks like a must-read. Besides its revival of the Courtney Love-Dave Grohl feud (ah, Courtney, how we’ve missed you!), the issue also contains the suggestion by Missy Elliott (far left) that there’s nothing wrong with Michael Jackson (near left) that a new fashion look couldn’t cure. ”I would give him some thugged-out braids, a wife-beater, a pair of jeans, and penny loafers,” she says, according to MSNBC gossip Jeannette Walls (scroll down). ”I’d bring him back on some next-level kind of flavor.”

Far be it from me to criticize Miss E on matters of fashion, but we can do better than jeans and a T-shirt. I bet you could come up with a bunch of different looks for the King of Pop and make them into paper-doll fashions, and sell the book to kids, and… ah, never mind. Bad idea.

addCredit(“Missy Elliott: Jim Cooper/AP; Michael Jackson: Michael A. Mariant/AP”)