Keanu Reeves, Constantine

Constantine (2005 movie)

For Keanu Reeves, going to hell and looking like hell are two very different propositions. As DC Comics/Vertigo occultist John Constantine, Reeves is an unexpectedly decent fit, all cigarette-punctuated, screw-this detachment, tackling demons mainly to square himself with God before imminently succumbing to lung cancer. It’s a testament to music-video vet Francis Lawrence’s stylishly straight direction that Reeves manages to look so incongruously robust in Constantine — even while brandishing a pair of cross-adorned brass knuckles — without eliciting unintended snickers.

EXTRAS Lawrence, two screenwriters, and a producer all sit in on the commentary, sounding remarkably unified in, say, their vision of Peter Stormare’s devil-may-care Satan. A featurette spotlighting the source comics refreshingly cops to the movie having taken the blond, bristly, British antihero and given him a Hollywood makeover; an insert sampler of Constantine stories by DC talent serves a similar function.

Constantine (2005 movie)
  • Movie
  • 121 minutes