As its makers surely expected, the unapologetically R-rated Wedding Crashers has some moralists up in arms. It’s not so much the movie’s raunchy humor and occasional glimpses of female nudity; rather, it’s a couple of guilt-by-association issues, one involving Republican Sen. John McCain, the other some of his fellow war veterans.

McCain has a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo as himself, shaking the hand of the Secretary of the Treasury, played by Christopher Walken. It’s a perfectly chaste scene, but it inspired a Drudge Report headline on July 13 that screamed, ”SEN. MCCAIN STARS IN BOOB RAUNCH FEST.” McCain’s appearance prompted outrage also on the part of columnist Susan Estrich, though she didn’t see the movie before calling McCain a hypocrite for appearing in the film after having held hearings years ago that castigated Hollywood for marketing R-rated films to kids. McCain defended his appearance in the film on a visit to Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, saying, ”In Washington, I work with boobs every day.”

Meanwhile, what has veterans and law enforcement officials steamed is the presence on the movie’s website of a gag page that suggests to would-be wedding crashers that they print and snip a fake Purple Heart medal, something that ”guarantees you attention, admiration, and plenty of free booze.” FBI agent Thomas Cottone Jr., who investigates medal fraud, isn’t laughing. ”I challenge the producer of that movie to go to Walter Reed Hospital and walk through the ward and see if he still wants to print out a fake Purple Heart,” he told the Associated Press. Talk to some of these people who don’t have legs anymore and see how funny they think that movie is.” The AP goes on to report that Purple Heart fraud is such a big problem that a bill was introduced in Congress on Friday to make it a federal crime. ”Here’s an example of Hollywood imitating life,” said Vietnam Vet Doug Sterner. ”Hopefully it brings to the American conscience that this is what is happening.” (Hmm, I don’t remember veterans expressing similar outrage last summer when delegates at the Republican National Convention were wearing fake Purple Hearts on bandaids to make fun of Democratic candidate John Kerry.) So, watchout, wannabe wedding crashers, wearing a Purple Heart printed off the movie’s website could be illegal soon.

Curiously, there’s been no outrage from the left over the Wedding Crashers Purple Heart scandal or over the appearance of Democratic consultant James Carville in the scene with McCain and Walken. C’mon, Democrats, the outrage bandwagon is pulling away from the station, and you’re missing it!

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